A New Star is Born


A brand new shining Star has joined the Bounce Coffee family today, and you’re all invited to celebrate with us. It’s Bounce’s new refreshing coffee drink: Bounce Nitro Iced-Brewed Coffee.

Available now for purchased at two sizes, for 4 and 5 dollars respectively.

With passion and gratitude.

The Bounce Team

We’ll grind your coffee in under one minute!

Never a dull moment at Bounce Coffee Co!

You asked for it and we’ve listened. We spared no cost and got the world’s fastest, most precise, coffee grinding machine there is, suitably called: The King of Grinders.

We can now grind your coffee beans of choice in under one minute! We will also customise the grind to your specific need, be it for your plunger, filter, domestic machine or stovetop coffee pot.

What’s more, the service is absolutely free, and you’re welcome to bring your own coffee beans, no condition attached. 

We’ll just be happy to share the magic with you.

We look forward to serving you,

The Bounce Team

Coffee of the Moment

Bringing the World of Coffee Closer to You!

Coffee of the Moment is Bounce Coffee’s commitment to sharing and enriching the lives of our dedicated customers with a select choice of outstanding coffee experiences, each day, every day!

Sumatra Blue Bianca

Our latest Coffee of the Moment originates from the mountainous region of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The high elevation and tropical nature of the region makes it the perfect climate to produce premium arabica coffee cherries. Sumatran coffee is known to be complex yet sweet in body, smooth, balanced and intense.

Blue Bianca is a delightful medium-to-dark roast. It is well balanced with low acidity and a thick body embracing rich earthy caramel flavours, drawing upon hints of berry and citrus. This splendid single origin is well suited for your favourite caffeine delivery system, and it is to be enjoyed at any part of the day.

Why Sumatra?

Giling Basah wet hulled coffee beans

Giling Basah or ‘wet-hulled’ coffee beans

Coffee was first introduced to Indonesia by the Dutch in the 1600s. It was such a success, the Dutch actually held a major share of the world coffee market. They began to cultivate Arabica coffee in Northern Sumatra in the late 1800s.

Sumatran coffee is well known for its unusual flavour profiles, most of which is credited to the unique process in which the coffee is harvested, which is traditionally known as Giliing Basah or wet-hulled, whereby the coffee cherry is picked and its skin is immediately removed in order for the fruit to ferment overnight, loosening the pulp to be washed off the beans in the morning for the drying process to begin. At this stage, the coffee bean still has its parchment skin, which will be removed in a warehouse by machines.

Climate and Altitude

The Temperature in Northern Sumatra is an average of 28 degrees year round. Annual rainfall is roughly 2125mm throughout. Humidity is a constant at around 75% daily. Coffee is grown between 1200-1400 metres above sea level, all of these elements ensure premium arabica coffee is produced, to enhance the flavour profile in your cup.

Bounce Coffee Love Reviews

We’re keen to learn and improve our service. We would greatly appreciate if you left an honest review.

Our success has been driven by your passion for great coffee.

We have been a client of Bounce Coffee for just over 12 months and in the time we have utilised their products & services, we have seen a real improvement in consistency across all areas of the Club’s catering operation – we were even awarded the Best Club Café in Queensland Award for the first time ever at the 2017 Clubs Queensland Awards. The continual training & refresher courses provided by Bounce have provided further consistency in our operations, which can be challenging with two separate internal outlets which have extended trading hours and the involvement of a large number of staff. Thomas Martyn

Executive Chef, Cowboys Leagues Club

Hey boys,

Just wanted to pass on some information on our efforts almost a year ago to get coffee sales moving along here at the fish inn.

It’s now been 9 months since we installed the new machine and 5 beans selections….and here are the results

Coffee sales have registered a 51% increase compared to last year’s results. Consequently, coffee is now a much bigger part of my business, which is great….I am glad that money and time was invested into this part of my business and I would like to thank you both along with your staff Justin in all the help…thoughts and advice that were provided to me and my team.

Regards, Warren Ufer

Owner, Fish Inn, Rockpool Townsville

You guys are my favourite coffee shop in Townsville. I don’t usually go a day without stopping in to see your welcoming and happy faces.smile

Always, Danielle Thomas

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