Wednesday 25 April

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A New Star is Born


A brand new shining Star has joined the Bounce Coffee family today, and you’re all invited to celebrate with us. It’s Bounce’s new refreshing coffee drink: Bounce Nitro Iced-Brewed Coffee.

Available now for purchased at two sizes, for 4 and 5 dollars respectively.

With passion and gratitude.

The Bounce Team

We’ll grind your coffee under one minute!

Never a dull moment at Bounce Coffee Co!

You asked for it and we’ve listened. We spared no cost and got the world’s fastest, most precise, coffee grinding machine there is, suitably called: The King of Grinders.

We can now grind your coffee beans of choice under one minute! We will also customise the grind to your specific need, be it for your plunger, filter, domestic machine or stovetop coffee pot.

What’s more, you’re welcome to bring your own coffee beans, no condition attached. And you dont’ have to purchase anything in return. 

We’ll just be happy to share the magic with you. 

We look forward to serving you, and together

Make the World a Better Place—One Cup at a Time.

The Bounce Team

Coffee of the Moment

Bringing the World of Coffee Closer to You!

Coffee of the Moment is Bounce Coffee’s commitment to sharing and enriching the lives of our dedicated customers with a select choice of outstanding coffee experiences, each day, every day!

Guatemalan Antigua Acate

Our latest Coffee of the Moment arrives from the fertile volcanic soils of Antigua, Guatemala. This little washed, processed and sundried gem is grown in rich, volcanic soil and rainforest conditions that are a perfect recipe to produce an elegant, refined, well-balanced Arabica coffee with a smooth finish. Highly fragrant with notes of milk chocolate and spices, a well-rounded body, a pleasant brightness, this offering is well suited to all styles of coffee.

The Antigua Region
Antigua is internationally renowned for its high-quality coffees. Guatemalan Antigua coffee has a full and velvety body, a rich and lively aroma, and a fine acidity. Antigua is located in a valley surrounded by three impressive volcanoes Agua, Fuego and Acatenango in central Guatemala with the climate perfect for cultivating coffee. The soils are young and optimal for coffee.

The Climate
Temperatures range from 19-22 C0 and annual rainfall is between 800 – 1200 mm and the humidity is constant at 65%. The low humidity and dense shade trees, combined with the regions shallow water table produces a distinct dry microclimate within the coffee fields. This microclimate produces a coffee with crisp sparkling acidity and full body, with intense flavour characteristics.

The Altitude
The coffee is grown in the shade at 1500 to 1700 meters above sea level. Antigua coffee grown at these high altitudes mature slower and grow denser, thus improving the attributes of body and acidity in the cup.

ON SALE NOW in three sizes: 200 g; 500 g and 1 Kg. 

Bounce Coffee Love Reviews

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Our success has been driven by your passion for great coffee.

We have been a client of Bounce Coffee for just over 12 months and in the time we have utilised their products & services, we have seen a real improvement in consistency across all areas of the Club’s catering operation – we were even awarded the Best Club Café in Queensland Award for the first time ever at the 2017 Clubs Queensland Awards. The continual training & refresher courses provided by Bounce have provided further consistency in our operations, which can be challenging with two separate internal outlets which have extended trading hours and the involvement of a large number of staff. Thomas Martyn

Executive Chef, Cowboys Leagues Club

You guys are my favourite coffee shop in Townsville. I don’t usually go a day without stopping in to see your welcoming and happy

Always, Danielle Thomas