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Bounce Coffee—Single Origin Roasts and Blends

With over two decades of living and breathing fresh coffee, we have formulated the perfect blends that arouse even the most discerning palate. 100% North Queensland owned and operated, we strive to capture the intensely rich flavour the coffee bean has to offer. Our love and passion for the roast keep us in touch with the best quality high altitude coffee and the widest range of eco-friendly beans available from all over the world.

Teas and Fusions

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to Asia. After water, it is the most widely consumed drink in the world.

Finest selection of Single Origin Ceylon Tea

Origin Tea is the ultimate way to experience the wonderful world of tastes and heavenly aromas. We deliver a comprehensive range of gourmet loose leaf and pyramid teas Australia-wide.

Chai Delights

Fairly traded and made with the finest natural ingredients, Seven Spice Sri Lankan Chai, comes direct from the gardens of the original Spice Island, using freshly ground spices blended with traditional Organic Jaggery-dried, unrefined sugar cane juice and natural dried tea.


From more flavourful coffees and richer mochas to delightful smoothies and topped desserts, we invite you to create an experience that won’t be soon forgotten. The brands available in The Bounce Emporium range from flavouring options for fruit-based smoothie sauces to traditional hot beverage syrups.

Drinking Chocolate

St Moritz Drinking Chocolate is a premium drinking chocolate featuring an exclusive blend of gently sweetened premium cocoa with subtle vanilla flavouring with its extra smooth deep chocolaty taste, this is the way drinking chocolate should be.