The Bounce Story

In the beginning

How It all started

Justin was born in Woodside in the Adelaide Hills with a mixed ancestry of German, English, and Maori. He left Woodside 23 years ago and loves his new home in Townsville. When asked what led to his interest and passion for coffee, Justin tells about his youth back in Adelaide where he did year 8-12 at an Agricultural High School, which furthered his interest in Primary Production, which in turn led to studying Agricultural Science at Adelaide University. Learning quickly that this is a tough industry, Justin endeavoured to search for something close to his passion for the land and desire to produce a premium product. An old friend introduced him to coffee and the rest is history. Justin started some 17 years ago walking the streets of Townsville with a backpack and was actually roasting coffee in a popcorn maker, 50 grams at a time. That’s how he would do up his little orders, which now turned into a 500-kg a day roasting business. We pride ourselves on the service we provide which is a vital aspect of running our business and keeping our customers happy.

Why Bounce? Where did it come from?

It’s something that Bounce Coffee owner Justin Humphrey dreamt up after a few beers over a period of weeks. He originally had another name in mind, however, a larger coffee company wasn’t too happy about his initial name for the business so he decided to change it to Bounce.

Bounce today

  Bounce Coffee has become highly recognized throughout North Queensland, and a cup of Bounce coffee is how most people start their day around here. We focus on sourcing and selling superior origin coffees from all around the world to the retail and wholesale market. We ensure a consistent flavour profile for our single origins and blends like Venezia Nuovo, where Bounce Coffee is leading espresso coffee. We also sell and service espresso machine from all aspects of the market from the economical to the ritzy end. And of course, we make the best coffee and cool beverages in Townsville. Did I mention we sell the best locally produced almond milk down under?

"Bounce is energy"

J. Humphrey