Making the world a better place, one cup at a time!

That's Bounce Coffee Ethos.

We love our coffee as we love our lives.



Our philosophy from the very start has been only to massively over-deliver on every bag of beans we roast. You gotta have a dream, when you set our coffee on your table you are holding our dreams in your hands.

Sustainably sourced

Coffee beans harvested in an environmentally friendly manner have the appeal of being socially acceptable

Carefully sourced

We value and nurture the relationship we’ve build with the growers and take pride in aligning ourselves with like-minded people throughout all aspects of our business endeavours.

Bounce Essential

Crafted for people who are passionate about their coffee that is an essential part of their lifestyle.

Our desire is to socialize quality coffee and make it available in every possible setting.

Who we are

We’re a team of people who share an unwavering passion for coffee and a goal of making the world a better place through love, friendship—one cup at a time.