The Art of Roasting

Is roasting coffee an art?

It’s a culinary art like cooking

It’s this process of feeling the coffee out while it’s in the roaster, smelling it before, smelling it after. It feels more personal watching the coffee develop, watching it roast and smelling it. I like to start out with feeling it out as an art, and then once I feel like I know that coffee, then you delve into the science of it, why it tastes the way it does.  It’s a culinary art like cooking because it’s about taste. That’s what you’re really trying to develop… You’re trying to find that taste, and the taste is where the artistry comes in.

It’s just like being a painter

There are factors that you want to hit at a certain point, but it really is up to you, the roaster, to craft it and shape it and move it along the way. It’s just like being a painter; you have a certain image in mind, and then you fill in the blanks with your own strokes, while following your own trajectory. The artistry comes from you playing around with your machine and becoming intimate with it. It’s putting effort into the craft; it’s about trying to manipulate something and trying to bring out the best qualities of that bean, and you want to express the way that you feel about it as well, and share that with your consumer or your wholesale client or whoever else is coming along.