The Papua New Guinean Arabica is known for its semi-sweet chocolate aroma, cocoa flavour with hints of cherry and medium body, quick finish.

Papua New Guinea coffee plantations date back over 120 years ago. It is believed that coffee was brought to the area by German settlers.

The coffee industry didn’t start booming until around the 1920s when shipping improvements contributed to the ease of exports. Coffee export in Papua New Guinea is now one of the nation’s strongest industries. As a result, Papua New Guinea has coffee plantations in almost all their provinces.

PNG Arabic comes from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea (3500 – 3800 metres). This is the perfect climate for top quality arabica coffee, due to its rich and fertile volcanic soils and high levels of rainfall. The PNG Arabica is a full-bodied coffee with bright cocoa notes and fruity aroma, making this coffee perfectly suited for anytime of the day.

PNG Arabica is a delightful coffee that is versatile to suit individual coffee desires. This gift from the north is well suited to your favourite caffeine delivery system. Just sample, embrace and enjoy!