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From a farm 1700 metres above sea level, owned by Cup of Excellence winner Senora Mayela Quesada in the mountains North West of San Jose, near the town of Naranjo de Alajuela comes our latest Coffee of the Moment.

NARANJO, Alajuela: Where Costa Rica’s best coffee grows

Between the arts-and-crafts capital of Sarchí and the reveling festivities in Palmares lies the oft-overlooked town of Naranjo. Bundled into the high hills of the Central Valley northwest of the capital, Naranjo hardly gets more than a paragraph in most guide books. But the small town has its claim to fame: Naranjo is home to the best coffee in Costa Rica.

Handpicked and processed by drying the red coffee cherries on raised beds. During the drying process they are constantly moved gently to ensure an even drying process and to avoid spoilage. Once the cherry has dried, they are then milled to remove the skin and mucilage from the coffee bean inside. This is a bright clean coffee with a hint of citrus and chocolate. This gem is well suited as an espresso, a pour over or anything in between.