Yemen Mocha Harazi

From the mountains of western Yemen comes our latest coffee of the moment, Yemen Mocha Harazi, it is a natural processed and hand sorted piece of coffee history. Grown at over 2000 metres above sea level on Manakha Farm in the Harazi Wildlife Sanctuary, this gem has been grown on terraces that have been cultivated for over three hundred years using only traditional methods and no chemicals. Coffee was cultivated domestically for the first time in Yemen in the gardens of Sufi monasteries somewhere about the 14th/15th century.

For many years in the 1500’s Mocha, Yemen (now Eritrea) had the monopoly on coffee, the only coffee that was allowed to be exported to the rest of the world from the port was roasted coffee. To be caught trying to smuggle green coffee beans, seeds or plants was a crime that invoked the death penalty.

Fortunately for us, those times are behind us and we can enjoy this clean but complex coffee. With sweet but light notes and an amazing aftertaste. This is one that can be enjoyed in the morning using your favourite caffeine delivery system or to round off a wonderful meal as an espresso.

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