Sumatra Blue Bianca

Sumatra Blue Bianca

Sumatra Blue Bianca, our latest ‘Coffee of the Moment’ originates from the mountainous region of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The high elevation and tropical nature of the region makes it the perfect climate to produce premium Arabica coffee cherries. Sumatran coffee is known to be complex yet sweet in body, smooth, balanced and intense.

Sumatra Blue Bianca is a delightful medium-to-dark roast. It is well balanced with low acidity and a thick body embracing rich earthy caramel flavours, drawing upon hints of berry and citrus. This splendid single origin is well suited for your favourite caffeine delivery system, and it is to be enjoyed at any part of the day.

How did coffee reach Sumatra?

Coffee was first introduced to Indonesia by the Dutch in the 1600s. It was such a success, the Dutch actually held a major share of the world coffee market. They began to cultivate Arabica coffee in Northern Sumatra in the late 1800s.

Sumatran coffee is well known for its unusual flavour profiles, most of which is credited to the unique process in which the coffee is harvested, which is traditionally known as Giling Basah or wet-hulled, whereby the coffee cherry is picked and its skin is immediately removed in order for the fruit to ferment overnight, loosening the pulp to be washed off the beans in the morning for the drying process to begin. At this stage, the coffee bean still has its parchment skin, which will be removed in a warehouse by machines.

Climate and Altitude

The Temperature in Northern Sumatra is an average of 28 degrees year round. Annual rainfall is roughly 2125mm throughout. Humidity is a constant at around 75% daily. Coffee is grown between 1200-1400 metres above sea level, all of these elements ensure premium arabica coffee is produced, to enhance the flavour profile in your cup.


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PNG Arabica Coffee

PNG Arabica Coffee

The Papua New Guinean Arabica is known for its semi-sweet chocolate aroma, cocoa flavour with hints of cherry and medium body, quick finish.

Papua New Guinea coffee plantations date back over 120 years ago. It is believed that coffee was brought to the area by German settlers.

The coffee industry didn’t start booming until around the 1920s when shipping improvements contributed to the ease of exports. Coffee export in Papua New Guinea is now one of the nation’s strongest industries. As a result, Papua New Guinea has coffee plantations in almost all their provinces.

PNG Arabic comes from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea (3500 – 3800 metres). This is the perfect climate for top quality arabica coffee, due to its rich and fertile volcanic soils and high levels of rainfall. The PNG Arabica is a full-bodied coffee with bright cocoa notes and fruity aroma, making this coffee perfectly suited for anytime of the day.

PNG Arabica is a delightful coffee that is versatile to suit individual coffee desires. This gift from the north is well suited to your favourite caffeine delivery system. Just sample, embrace and enjoy!


Coffee of the moment: CR Speciality Microlot Agricola ElCafetal

Coffee of the moment: CR Speciality Microlot Agricola ElCafetal

CR Speciality Microlot Agricola ElCafetal

From a farm 1700 metres above sea level, owned by Cup of Excellence winner Senora Mayela Quesada in the mountains North West of San Jose, near the town of Naranjo de Alajuela comes our latest Coffee of the Moment.

NARANJO, Alajuela: Where Costa Rica’s best coffee grows

Between the arts-and-crafts capital of Sarchí and the reveling festivities in Palmares lies the oft-overlooked town of Naranjo. Bundled into the high hills of the Central Valley northwest of the capital, Naranjo hardly gets more than a paragraph in most guide books. But the small town has its claim to fame: Naranjo is home to the best coffee in Costa Rica.

Handpicked and processed by drying the red coffee cherries on raised beds. During the drying process they are constantly moved gently to ensure an even drying process and to avoid spoilage. Once the cherry has dried, they are then milled to remove the skin and mucilage from the coffee bean inside. This is a bright clean coffee with a hint of citrus and chocolate. This gem is well suited as an espresso, a pour over or anything in between.

Coffee of the Moment – Yemen Mocha Harazi

Coffee of the Moment – Yemen Mocha Harazi

Yemen Mocha Harazi

From the mountains of western Yemen comes our latest coffee of the moment, Yemen Mocha Harazi, it is a natural processed and hand sorted piece of coffee history. Grown at over 2000 metres above sea level on Manakha Farm in the Harazi Wildlife Sanctuary, this gem has been grown on terraces that have been cultivated for over three hundred years using only traditional methods and no chemicals. Coffee was cultivated domestically for the first time in Yemen in the gardens of Sufi monasteries somewhere about the 14th/15th century.

For many years in the 1500’s Mocha, Yemen (now Eritrea) had the monopoly on coffee, the only coffee that was allowed to be exported to the rest of the world from the port was roasted coffee. To be caught trying to smuggle green coffee beans, seeds or plants was a crime that invoked the death penalty.

Fortunately for us, those times are behind us and we can enjoy this clean but complex coffee. With sweet but light notes and an amazing aftertaste. This is one that can be enjoyed in the morning using your favourite caffeine delivery system or to round off a wonderful meal as an espresso.

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Coffee of the Moment – Guatemalan Antigua Acate

Coffee of the Moment – Guatemalan Antigua Acate

Coffee of the Moment – Guatemalan Antigua Acate

Our latest Coffee of the Moment arrives from the fertile volcanic soils of Antigua, Guatemala. This little-washed, and sun-dried gem is grown in rich, volcanic soil. The rainforest conditions are a perfect recipe for producing an elegant, refined,  Arabica coffee with a smooth finish. The Guatemalan Antigua Acate is a highly fragrant coffee with notes of milk chocolate and spices.  it boasts well-rounded body, a pleasant brightness, and is well suited to all styles of coffee.

 The Antigua Region

Antigua is internationally renowned for its high-quality coffee. Guatemalan Antigua coffee has a full and velvety body. It also possess a rich and lively aroma, and a fine acidity. Antigua is located in a valley surrounded by three impressive volcanoes Agua, Fuego and Acatenango in central Guatemala, The climate is perfect for cultivating coffee, while the soils are young and optimal for growing coffee.

The Climate

Temperatures range from 19-22 C0 and annual rainfall is between 800 – 1200 mm and the humidity is constant at 65%. The low humidity and dense shade trees, combined with the region’s shallow water table produces a distinct dry microclimate within the coffee fields. This microclimate produces a coffee with crisp sparkling acidity and full body, with intense flavour characteristics.

The Altitude

TheAntigua coffee is grown in the shade at 1500 to 1700 meters above sea level.  It is grown at these high altitudes mature slower and grow denser, thus improving the attributes of body and acidity in the cup.


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Coffee of the Moment – Kenya AA Kiriani

Coffee of the Moment – Kenya AA Kiriani

Wonderful Kenya AA Kiriani coffee originates from the tiny Kiriani Washing Station in the highlands of the Thraka Nithi region of the Central Province of Kenya. This is a mix of the SL28 & SL34 variety coffee beans that Kenya has become renowned for. It has been grown by small-lot farmers at altitudes between 1600 and 2000 metres above sea level.

With complex fruit notes that hint at dried apricot, a bright acidity combined with a smooth mouthfeel and a blissful aroma, this wonderful medium strength coffee will suit your own personal choice of coffee equipment from an Aeropress to an espresso machine and everything in between. This gem will make the perfect coffee that can be enjoyed as an everyday eye-opener, on a Saturday morning with the morning paper…….or maybe an electronic news delivery device, a nice afternoon pick me up or as the perfect way to round off that perfect meal.

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