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Sumatra Blue Bianca

Sumatra Blue Bianca, our latest 'Coffee of the Moment' originates from the mountainous region of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The high elevation and tropical nature of the region makes it the perfect climate to produce premium Arabica coffee cherries. Sumatran coffee...

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PNG Arabica Coffee

The Papua New Guinean Arabica is known for its semi-sweet chocolate aroma, cocoa flavour with hints of cherry and medium body, quick finish. Papua New Guinea coffee plantations date back over 120 years ago. It is believed that coffee was brought to the area by German...

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Coffee of the Moment – Yemen Mocha Harazi

Yemen Mocha Harazi From the mountains of western Yemen comes our latest coffee of the moment, Yemen Mocha Harazi, it is a natural processed and hand sorted piece of coffee history. Grown at over 2000 metres above sea level on Manakha Farm in the Harazi Wildlife...

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