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Would you like to brew your coffee like a pro?

Thinking of purchasing a quality espresso machine for making your coffee at the office or at home? Are you serious about taking your espresso brewing skills to the next level? Then, Bounce Barista training is definitely an option you should consider. 


$135.00 per person 


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brew IT like a pro!

We invite you to experience our  Espresso Fundamentals coffee training course. You will get to try and test our extensive range of barista tools and equipment, and wet your taste buds with a barista-made coffee prepared with our leading premium coffee roasts.

Mocha Latte

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We have designed our hands-on coffee training package for coffee lovers and aspiring home ‘baristas’ alike, who wish to gain an insight into the craft and skill required to brew quality coffee like a pro, each and every time. We conduct all coffee training sessions in a training room using multiple machines, equipment and grinders.

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In this three-hour hands-on coffee training session, we shall endeavour to deepen your love of coffee in a relaxed, highly informative and hands-on training course. In return, you will learn all the fundamental skills necessary to brew your coffee like a pro. You will learn how to correctly dose, tamp, and extract deliciously tasting espresso. You will then learn how to texture milk for your cafe latte, flat white, and cappuccino.

You will learn about coffee in general, how to set up, calibrate and use a grinder, as well as how to judge a good coffee extraction from a bad one. You will then discover the art of steaming, texturing, and pouring milk. With no prior experience, you will know how to brew your espresso like a pro.


In a nutshell, you will learn how to:

  • Set up, operate, maintain, and clean your coffee machine and grinder.
  • Measure dosage
  • Extract espresso properly
  • Brew espresso coffees, including cafe latte, cappuccino, flat white, and long black.
  • Froth, foam and texture silky-smooth milk more correctly, each and every time
  • Effectively clean and maintain espresso equipment.

Discover quality coffee training

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Best Beans

Coffee Bean

Quality Milk

Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend


During the three-hour coffee training session, you will gain access to unlimited coffee beans and milk to practice with. With our small-class sizes, we guarantee you’ll walk away making better coffee than you did walking in.


The 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month from 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm  


Our Bounce Barista School Townsville is held at our Roastery and Warehouse, located at 87 Ingham Road, West End, Qld, 4810 – Entry is via Jane Street.


Upon successful completion of the coffee training you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

A folder containing the Espresso Fundamentals training manual.


Sanremo Treviso/Macap M2M for course attendees at a special price.
Ask your coffee trainer for details.
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Bounce Barista School FAQ

What will I learn from the Bounce Barista School Class?
  • How to operate a coffee machine
  • Make each coffee on the menu
  • Foam and silk your milk correctly
  • Calibrate and operate a coffee grinder
  • Clean and maintain your coffee machine and all equipment
  • Make Coffee that will “make the world a better place one cup at a time”
What will I receive with the Course?
  • Training by Mr Coffee, Justin Humphrey; Mr Coffees right hand – Danny Mulders, Latte Artists and Bounce Baristas; Ellen, Sophie & Tiarne.
  • A Certificate of Attendance
  • Your Bounce Barista School Pack which contains a mountain of EXTRAS including Discount Voucher’s and more.
  • Depending on your skill/ability and potential to develop your skills; access to employment opportunities
How long is the Barista Course?
    • Three (3) Hours
Is 3 hours enough for me to learn how to make Great coffee?
  • Yes, after 3 hours, you will have made multiple cups of coffee, more than enough to never forget how to do it
When are the courses held?
    • The 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the Month from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm 
Where are the courses held?
    • Bounce Coffee Company, 87 Ingham Road, WEST END QLD 4810 – entry via Jane Street 
How can completing my training through Bounce help me to get a job after the course?
    • Bounce supplies our Coffee to hundreds of Cafés across Queensland and many seek Bounce trained Staff. Once you have successfully completed our Barista Course, you will be able to confidently demonstrate that you can operate a variety of coffee machines and associated equipment (grinders etc.) and make each coffee and cold drink on most Cafe Menus.
And is potential employment the only benefit to completing the training?
    • Bounce Barista Training enables ANYONE, be it at Home, or the Office, to learn and retain the skills needed to produce the best Cup of Coffee you possibly can!
Who can attend?
ANYONE!!! Whether you are:

    • Looking for a job in the industry or opening a new business;
    • Working in the industry and want to brush-up on your skillset;
    • an Employer wanting to train Staff;
    • or you just want to serve and enjoy the BEST COFFEE you can, at Home and or the Office.
    • All are welcome!
How can I make payment?
    • Paypal, Bank Transfer, Debit or Credit Card – Walk-in bookings and payments also available
How many students in a class?
    • Average 12 students per class with many many machine to choose from
Are Group Bookings available? and ‘Who’ can make a Group Booking?
    • Yes!
    • Group Bookings can be made by arrangement and are tailored to suit those who enrol.
    • Whether you are looking to work in the industry – (SCHOOL GROUPS CATERED FOR)
    • Opening a new business
    • Working in the industry and want to brush-up on your skillset
    • Are an Employer wanting to train a Group of Employees’
    • You are a Home Coffee Enthusiast’
    • Or you simply want to serve and enjoy the BEST COFFEE you can, at Home and Work.
    • All Groups are welcome! Please email [email protected] with Group Details.
Is the classroom air conditioned?
    • Yes
What type of machine will I learn on?
    • We have a range of Commercial and Domestic Coffee machines for you to learn on
Are the trainers experienced and qualified?
    • Yes. All Bounce Barista Trainers are highly skilled industry professionals and between them hold, 50-plus-years of Coffee-Making experience.
    • Justin Humphrey aka Mr Coffee – the founder and CEO of Bounce, has 18 years experience in all things Coffee, from Sourcing Beans and producing Medal winning Roasts and Blends, to developing coffee-making techniques that work like no other. He also has extensive equipment knowledge and repair experience, being familiar with  domestic and commercial coffee equipment.
Can I buy a gift voucher?
    • Yes – gift vouchers for all courses can be purchased.
    • Bookings can be made online
    • Have a question or concern? We answer your emails in real time during business hours so,
    • Please email [email protected]  and we will call You ASAP!


the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the Month

6.00 pm – 9.00 pm